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Graduation Requirements


  • Shields Valley Graduation Requirements

    Twenty-three (23) units of credit are required for graduation for all students, except as listed below for transfer students. A unit of credit is defined as the equivalent of at least 225 minutes per week for one year. Semester-long courses usually earn one-half (0.5) credits, while year-long courses usually earn one (1) credit. Some courses may be offered for one-half (0.5) credits for the full year and one-quarter (0.25) credits for the semester, or less*. These are established at the discretion of the high school principal. * Teacher Aide, Weight Training, Study Skills, etc. receive one-quarter (0.25) credits per semester. At a minimum, each student must complete the following course requirements to graduate from Shields Valley Public Schools:

    I. Language Arts: 4 units of credit required.

    II. Mathematics: 2 or 3 units of credit required. (See below)

    III. Science: 2 or 3 units of credit required. (See below)

    IV. Social Studies: 3 units of credit required.

    VI. Health Enhancement: 2 units of credit required.

    V. Fine Arts: 1 unit of credit required.

    VI. Vocational/Practical Arts: 2 units of credit required.

    In order to meet the Shields Valley Schools graduation requirements, at least 3 credits must be earned in one of the two areas: Math, Science. Students in the eighth grade may complete “accelerated” classes for high school credit at the discretion of the teacher and/or administrator. Credit will be awarded in increments of 0.5 or 1.0 credits to be determined by the teacher at the completion of the program. Students must earn at least one (1) credit per class to be exempted from a corresponding high school course.

    High school credit awarded for “accelerated” classes in the junior high will not apply toward the graduation course requirements. In cases of transfer students, Montana graduation requirements must be met. Other graduation requirements will be at the discretion of the Superintendent of Schools.

    The following guidelines will be used and apply only to students transferring from schools with graduation requirements which are less than those of Shields Valley Public Schools. These are contingent on evaluation of transfer student transcripts. A student who transfers into the following grades and attends for the amount of time listed must meet the following credit and graduation requirements:

    Sophomores: Full year – 23 credits and meet district graduation requirements Half year – 22.5 credits with required courses taken

    Juniors: Full year – 22 credits Half year – 21.5 credits

    Seniors: Full year – 21 credits Half year – 20.5 credits