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Program Expectations

Shields Valley Rebel Football

Team Values

  • Sportsmanship
  • Teamwork
  • Maximum Effort

Team Rules

  • Cell Phones: No use in Locker Rooms Ever
  • Locker Room: Locker Room needs to be clean and tidy after every practice and game
  • Bus: Always leave the bus cleaner than when you got on
  • Eligibility: Must follow the school policy, No grades below a 60%
  • Bullying/Harassment: Treat every teammate the same way you would want to be treated

Game day Plan: 7 p.m. Game Time

  • 5:30 : Special Teams on Field
  • 6:00 Pregame Meeting in Locker Room
  • 6:15: Stretch/Warm-up in Gym
  • 6:30: On Field Warm-Ups
  • 7:00 Game Time

6 Man Football Rules

  1. 15 yards is required for a 1st down
  2. The player who receives the snap is not allowed to advance to ball past the line of scrimmage
  3. Field Goals are worth 4 points
  4. Extra Point Attempts are worth 2 for kicking, 1 for running or passing
  5. Every Player is eligible to receive a pass